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This is what happens when you give super bad ass LA based artist Kendell Cotta some MOD/AM jeans and say make them your own!

Kendell Cotta is a Los Angeles based artist from the Bay Area who is heavily influenced by historical art, travel, tattoo culture, and graffiti culture. She’s lived in Berkeley, New York and now resides in LA which has influenced her artistry styles. A favorite medium to work with is ballpoint pen and painting on leather. Kendell came from an artist background her mother is an artist. After pursuing tattooing for a period in her life she took a break from art for a long time to pursue her career as a Makeup Artist. Moving to Los Angeles inspired her to indulge back into her Artistic roots and has pursued art again alongside being a full time Makeup Artist. A lot of Kendell’s work would be considered dark & romantic.
"My first thought and inspiration behind the artwork on The Modern American Denim’s was the memory of taking your pens in high school and drawing all over your pants. That’s something I always did in highschool and middle school as a kid, just finding anything to draw on. Just like Modern American Denim I am also influenced by the streets and art and I wanted to bring my style into that."

Make sure you are following our Instagram @iammodernamerican as we will be auctioning the jeans by Kendell in the next few weeks and all proceeds will be going to charity!