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Photos and words by Patrick Do

Welcome back again to a typical day for us shooting, this time for the summer look book. Lucas Machado was our model and of course Josh Beech is the main photographer holding it down for us. As you can tell by the photos we came right back to the LA River to keep the same visuals from our last look book shoot with Britni.

Lucas is no stranger to shooting in the LA River and when told we were going to shoot there he brought up a horror story about being there for another brand where they told him to go dance in the murky waters. Luckily for him, Josh had no plans for having him run or jump around in the water risking getting some fresh diseases. So far so good.

We were shooting around midday and it was getting a little hot, but we still couldn’t pass on how cool Lucas looked with the leather jacket. So a few quick shots and we can put that thing away!

While Josh was shooting Lucas, I snuck up onto the over pass to get different angles of the two.

After a while I joined them down there.


Lucas was awesome to shoot with. He was out here running in the summer sun to get some action shots. Kudos man! 


We had our masks on up close, don’t worry. Safety first over here!

Getting over the sun so we took to the shade under the bridge.

And that’s a wrap for the day! Be sure to check out the look book Josh shot on our site and thank you again Lucas for being a part of the MODAM Fam!